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How to move (transfer) Home Inspector Pro between two Windows machines

If you don't have Home Inspector Pro on the new machine yet download it from our website and install it first.

1. On your existing machine, go to the Start Menu > Computer. Double-click Local Disk (C:), then double-click Program Files (or Program File (x86) if it exists).

2. Find and double-click the Home Inspector Pro folder. If you want your inspections, look in the Client Data folder, templates and contacts are in Data, PDF's are in Client Reports.

3. In this folder, find the files you want. Highlight the files you want, right-click on one and click Copy.

4. Put your Flash Drive into the computer. After a second, you should be given an option to Open or View Files on the Device. Click this option.

5. In the window that opens, right-click and Paste your files onto the device. Once this completes, remove the device from the desktop and plug it into the laptop.

6. The remainder of the process is essentially the reverse of the previous steps. Once the device is plugged in, you should be prompted to Open or View Files on the Device.

7. Find your files on the flash drive, right-click on the file, click Copy.

8. Go to the Home Inspector Pro folder under Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Home Inspector Pro and go to the folder you got the files from.

9. Right-click and click Paste.

10. If prompted to overwrite, click Yes.

This will transfer all your desired files from your existing installation to that on the new machine.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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  1. Gary Bottomley

    I understand this process but, I currently am having multiple problems with my current older laptop I am using for HIP v4.9. My son, who has good knowledge of these problems, wants to wipe it clean and reinstall the things I really need.

    So my question is; when I go to download HIP to my "new" cleaned current lap top, do I need to go to the current version of HIP?