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How To Manually Attach Reports To E-mails

This report assumes you have previously created a shortcut to your Home Inspector Pro Client Reports on the Desktop of your Windows computer. The steps for this can be found here: If you do not have this shortcut, the Client Reports folder can usually be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Home Inspector Pro\ (it may not have (x86) in the path on all systems) folder. 

To send your report to your client, you can manually attach the report to an e-mail.

To do this:

1. Go into your e-mail client (Windows Live, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). 

2. Compose (or Create) a new e-mail and start a new e-mail like you normally would. 

3. Click on the button to Attach File (usually has a paperclip icon), a window will open to choose a file. 

4. Click on Desktop on the left side of the window. 

5. On the Desktop, click on the shortcut to your Client Reports folder in your Home Inspector Pro folder. Double-click on the shortcut. You'll now be able to see your inspection reports. 

6. Find your inspection report, then click Open. 

Your attachment will now appear attached to the e-mail. Follow the same procedure for completing and sending the e-mail to your client.

The Home Inspector Pro Upload Service removes these steps and just has you go to Internet > Upload Report, choose who to send it to, give it a name, then click Upload. Further information about this service can be found here:

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