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Create Shortcut to Client Reports

To simplify the process of attaching the files, you can create a shortcut to your Home Inspector Pro Reports folder on your Desktop. To do this:

1. Minimize your programs so you can see your Desktop.
2. Right-click on your Home Inspector Pro icon.
3. Left-click on 'Open File Location'. This will open a new window.
4. In the list of folders, right-click the Client Reports folder.
5. Click 'Send To', then 'Desktop'.

This will create a shortcut on your folder that links to your Home Inspector Pro reports.

When you go to send a report:

1, In your e-mail, compose your e-mail to the client.
2. Click to attach a file to your e-mail.
3. Click on Desktop on the left side of the window.
4. On the right side of the window, double-click on the Client Reports shortcut.
5. Select your report, then click 'Open'.
6. Continue your e-mail to the client like normal.

These same steps can be used to create a shortcut to your Client Data or Data folder to allow for clean-up and backup of your inspections and setup. 
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