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Create Clickable Phone Numbers in Web Pages

You can make your phone number clickable for mobile devices by making it a link in the body of your content. This will appear as a hyperlink, just as if you were linking to another page. To do this:

1. Go into the section where you have your phone number and edit that section (whether in a Block or on a Page). For our example, the phone number is listed as 888-750-4777.
2. Highlight the phone number in the editor.
3. Click on the Link icon in the editor toolbar (an example of the icon can be found here:
4. This will pop-up a new window. For the protocol, set this to .
5. In the URL field, enter your phone number with the prefix of tel:. So for our example, the URL field would read as: tel:888-750-4777
6. Save your changes to the Page or Block.

You can then review the page and confirm that the phone number is now clickable. Once you click, the dialer will be loaded on the mobile device with the phone number already ready to press Dial. 
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